Mandalas Impresa Retail Private Limited.

We are an inventive sustenance endeavor with a desire to take into account the developing needs of our clients by conveying new tastes to their table, to guarantee that those with dietary limitations don’t pass up a major opportunity for the good times! Our Mission is to dependably Create inventive cooking styles which give top quality each chomp and serve imaginative pastries which put cherry over all desires. To bethe favored unadulterated veg and solid restaurant over the globe. Our Vision is to Serve new, nutritious and satisfying sustenance experience to our benefactors – to serve joy and wellbeing. Our adventure has been long depicting as takes after:

 1. March, 17 –

The MI organization got shaped for advancement, Regulatory licenses got for business beginning furthermore, MI office set-up.

2. April, 17 –

Product Packaging outlines for the two brands, Central Kitchen Operationalized, Outlet initiation, Corporate business commenced.

 3. July, 17 –

Gourmet item bundling planned, Innovation grant got from Equinox.

 4. Aug , 17 –

Institutional business commenced, Invited by Inorbit Mgt. to set up Outlet. outlet @ The ORB, Int. Airplane terminal Mum.

 5. Sept , 17 –

Packaging unit setup, On boarded SS and PV on various sustenance deals channels.

 6. Nov , 17 –

MI Retail Pvt. Ltd. development commenced, COO on boarded.

 7. Dec , 17 –

Food Court Business Kicked-of, MOU marked with Franchisee India to appropriate SS and PV franchisee outlets crosswise over India.

 8. Jan, 18 –

MI Retail Pvt. Ltd. fused

 We generally centered around Following Best Practices, for example, Focussing on Health Food by Desserts and chocolate based (FMCG) offerings that keep wellbeing and health as core interest.
The Central Kitchen Model which offers capacity to scale up and work with more sous cooks.
The Team Culture with Loyal and enabled colleagues Implementing best practices for enlistment, preparing and vocation advancement and representative advantages including ESOPs.
Our Food Philosophy has continually including these features – Responsible Sourcing, Healthy and Nutritious Food, Tasty and Flavourful Cuisines.
Our Business Model which is a Unique Investment Opportunity that gives Delightful nourishment and Guest Experience and Attracts them.
MI (Mandalas Impresa) has dependably been committed to give individuals items loaded with development and wellbeing.
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